Monday 21 March 2011

Taiwan Videos

This video was taken about four years. In it you can see Luo Laoshi, Lin Guo Zheng, and Simon Finn.
Simon has been in Taiwan for 7 years and if you go to Taiwan you will definitely meet Simon. He is a class leader and his ability to explain things clearly is shown in class and in in his yearly seminars in England. If you want to meet one of the best Bagua people in Europe, be sure to go to his seminars.


This video is a combination of the first video as well as footage of an exhibition we did in Yilan a couple of months later. In the beginning we see Monkey Chen. 
During the exhibition a couple of my classmates can be seen. Marcus Opalenik from Boston, and Shai Tamir from Israel. Together they demonstrate a two person set from Xing Yi called Wu Hua Pao (Five Pattern Cannon).
Marcus also does yearly seminars in Boston.
After that I can be seen demonstrating the Xing Yi animal Tai bird.
The last part shows Lin Guo Zheng about to start the pre heaven forms. The biggest disapointment from the video is that they did not include Lin doing more palm changes. His body movement and knowledge of the palm changes is nothing short of amazing.

The two most interesting parts of the second video are as follows:

1:22  Luo talks about our san shou and how using sticking and adhering are the main focus. In particular, using the nine joints of the body. How these can be combined to issue power or separated to control the opponent.

1:36 Lin Guo Zheng talks about the difference between internal and external arts. He says that most external martial arts and shaolin express the power towards the outside. However, in internal martial arts the mind and the spirit are emphasized. The spirit is the unifying power of the body, whereas, the mind controls the body and its muscles. The combination of mind and spirit lead the movements.

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